Partner with us

Partner with us   

The way we work, engage and learn has fundamentally changed.  This shift demands that we act decisively to build a truly global, connected community of fundraising changemakers to strengthen the social impact sector now and for the future.

But we cannot do this alone.

Developing, building and maintaining the Resource Alliance Global Community will require a significant investment of time and resources to bring it to life and to continually develop, curate and maintain it, so that it delivers consistent and outstanding value for a global social impact community.   

Join us 

We’re actively building partnerships with philanthropic individuals, organisations, foundations and innovative corporations around the world to build a diverse and vibrant global community of fundraising changemakers. Each is partnership is choreographed to help us…


  1. Collaborate with individuals, organisations, companies and grant-making organisations with aligned values and missions, through content curation and the sharing and repurposing of resources and tools. We know that building the capacities of organisation will require a collaborative effort for collective benefit;
  2. Empower our community of fundraising changemakers to share their time and talent to help translate, promote, facilitate and moderate learning and sharing sessions;
  3. Expand our ‘team of teams’ model to harness the power of our global volunteer network of passionate fundraising and social impact professionals to curate high-value, diverse and cutting-edge learning resources all year-round;
  4. Build shared-value partnerships with individuals, companies and foundations in order to secure the critical resources, financial and in-kind, necessary to create and sustain the Resource Alliance Global Community.


If you share our determination to increase accesses to world-class knowledge, tools, resources and connections to help civil society better resource their critical social impact work, then we would love to connect.  Please contact our Partnerships Director, Sarah Scarth