IFC Pop Ups: South Africa Testimonials

“It was fascinating, inspiring,  invigorating and gave me so many new ideas and thoughts on how not only to do things differently in our fundraising but also how to change my way of thinking to achieve more in my role.”

Louise Driver Children’s Hospital Trust

"If you do anything with fundraising, nonprofits, volunteers, advocacy... whatever it is, you HAVE to be at the IFC Pop Ups!"

Shawn Buck Ubuntu Football

“The sessions yesterday we're really interesting and had the idea juices flowing. Thank you to Resource Alliance for creating this space.”

Jasmine Erasmus University of Stellenbosch

“I have received the IFC Conference information for several years now and been so keen to attend but haven’t been able to yet... so it was a real gift to be able to experience some of the sessions and presentations (at IFC Pop Ups South Africa,) and also to have the added bonus of a Skype question time with some of the presenters.”

Fiona Budd St David’s Marist Inanda