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Masterclasses at IFC 2022

Masterclasses at IFC are intensive, small group sessions led by experts in their field and held across the first two days of the event.

This year, our masterclasses will be framed by the theme of the event: Shaping the Future Together.

More than two years into the global pandemic, we can’t go back to the way things were. We need to explore how a catastrophic, global event like this one changes how we approach fundraising. We need to improve our knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant now, in this new world where our work and personal lives collided and in which we see increased polarisation and discrimination; instability as global powers shift and wars erupt; and escalating costs exacerbating poverty and inequality as the climate crisis continues. There are new challenges facing us as we look to this future we want to shape together, but what are they? And how can we prepare for them? Those are the questions our masterclasses will work to answer.

Limited numbers in each masterclass allow for intense exploration and hands-on, deep dive learning. The intimate setting fosters powerful conversation with people facing the same issues you are, and leads to lasting connections that will be so important as we move forward.

Masterclasses are an opportunity to interact with renowned speakers on a personal level, and you will leave with learning ready to apply directly to your work. There are two kinds of sessions: masterclasses and bootcamps. Masterclasses explore topics through a visionary lens and are more theoretical; bootcamps focus on practical techniques and best practice.



Our masterclass programme is limited capacity and an optional addition to your IFC experience. If you want to take part in the programme, we recommend you register early to avoid disappointment.


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