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Masterclasses at IFC 2023

Masterclasses at IFC are intensive, small group sessions led by experts in their field and held across the first two days of the event.

As always, our masterclasses are framed by the theme of the event. This year, that theme is unite.

Limited numbers in each masterclass allow for intense exploration and hands-on, deep dive learning. The intimate setting fosters powerful conversation with people facing the same issues you are, and leads to lasting connections that will be so important as we move forward. Masterclasses this year will offer more choice than ever before, with delegates able to choose either a full-length masterclass as before, or two mini masterclasses which will run consecutively.

Full-length masterclasses
Decentralising fundraising

Is it possible for us to distribute power over money to more people, while still staying focused, coordinated, and united? What can traditional fundraisers learn from decentralised organisations?

Leading change

Seldom has change in our sector been so profound and so pervasive – and it impacts everything we do. What does it mean to lead change during times of unprecedented change?

Public engagement & becoming audience-led

Times are tough. Many people feel tired, cynical, and isolated. How do you mobilise support at scale when so many people feel like the world is falling apart?

Decision science

Learn to use leading edge insights from behavioural economics, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience across channels and propositions – insights that are transforming how businesses engage customers and having an enormous impact on fundraising worldwide.


Do you want to leverage your environmental and social impact with minimal disruption to your organisation? Discover transformational impact as a strategic asset for fundraising.

Philanthopy & major donors

You’ve read the manual, so you know how a major donor programme should work. But how does it work in practice?

Finding your purpose

Are you feeling stuck in your work life and looking for a refresh, reset, and restart? Rediscover your purpose at a masterclass retreat.

Donor experience & mid-level giving

Are you having trouble convincing leadership to invest more in your mid-level giving programme? Discover the secrets to creating a collaborative, silo-busting, forward-looking mid-level giving programme

Innovation in product development

The time has come for the next wave of innovation in fundraising product development – a key part of your fundraising strategy.


Mini masterclasses
Building teams

If we are to unite for impact, we need strong teams ready for change and challenges, but yours might not be as ready as you think they are. These are the leadership essentials for building inclusive, resilient teams.


Stop sending dozens of grant proposals that keep getting rejected! Here’s how to Succeed in grant-seeking in the US and Europe.

Content strategy & communications

Unite people and insights to build an engaging content strategy and improve your ways of working.


Gain insight into the critical success factors of creative collaboration and collaborate on a number of opportunities and challenges.

Ethical storytelling

Have you been engaging with questions concerning the ethics of storytelling in your work? Deepen your knowledge and learn about practical steps you can take within your own organisation.


Masterclasses are an opportunity to interact with renowned speakers on a personal level, and you will leave with learning ready to apply directly to your work. Our masterclass programme is limited capacity and an optional addition to your IFC experience. If you want to take part in the sell-out programme, we recommend you register early to avoid disappointment – topic selection is on a first-come, first-served basis.


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