Workshop Program

The IFC Pop Ups: Kenya program will focus on how to diversify your funding by addressing two donor segments: foundations and corporate markets.

IFC Pop Up Kenya

Workshop Timetable

Time Session Speaker
8.00am Registration/Welcome: KAFP Secretary Joseph Wangendo
8.30am Session 1: Fundraising for Sustainability Joseph Wangendo
9.30 am Session 2: Grant Success: The essentials of performance measurement, relationship management and reporting Jo Garner
10.30am Networking Tea/Coffee Break
11.00am Session 3: Write what the funder wants to read Arnout Mertens
12.00pm Session 4: Fundraising from US foundations and how to use LinkedIn to improve results Eelco Keij
1.00pm Networking Lunch Break
2.00pm Session 5: Corporate partnerships mastery and how to achieve it Rob Wood & Ben Swart
3.00pm Session 6: Winning as the underdog: How to win large partnerships where you don’t (think you) stand a chance Rob Wood & Ben Swart
4.00pm Closing Remarks Joseph Wangendo
5.00pm Networking Tea/Coffee Break: End of Workshop


Session Detail


Fundraising for Sustainability – Joseph Wangendo



Grant success – The essentials of performance measurement, relationship management and reporting.

In this sessionJo Garner MD, Strategic Grants; Co-founder, Women & Change (Australia), will share how successful grants programs are underpinned by strong organisational governance and performance measurement.  You will learn how to meet funder expectations, effectively communicate with grant-makers and exceed their expectation.



Write what the funder wants to read.

In this presentation, Arnout Mertens guides you on how to identify and write proposals for potential foundation donors. He discusses the evolving foundation donor market landscape revealing just how big the foundation market is and how donor requirements and expectations are evolving. His presentation will guide you on how to find potential foundation donors, conducting donor intelligence and understanding the “DNA” of Foundations. It will also guide you on how to write a winning proposal. Arnout, a founder and Director for the Rome based Sofia, raises up to 2 million Euros annually for health, education and rural development work in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He is definitely one fundraiser you want to listen to!



Fundraising from US Foundations and how to use LinkedIn to improve results.

US Foundations provide 3-4 billion dollars in funding internationally every year. This is beside what they spend in the US itself.  In this presentation, Eelco keij shows you how to fundraise from US Foundations. He guides you on where to find them, the sectors they fund and how to approach them. Eelco discusses strategies that you can use to approach US foundations many of which are hiding behind “virtual walls”.  His presentation shows you how Linked in can be used to approach these donors using “warm” rather than “cold” donor approach strategies. Eelco also provides strategies for establishing relationships with donors that can lead to funding. It is a great session for those interested in mobilizing funds from US foundations.



Corporate partnerships mastery and how to achieve it

In this interesting presentation, Rob Wood and Ben Swart share fundraising nuggets on corporate fundraising. They give you tips on how to identify and focus on the companies with the greatest funding potential. They then share a variety of strategies to approach corporations and getting them interested in your organization and work. Rob and Ben then provide tips on how to prepare powerful presentations that will help increase your chances of success. They advise on the dos and don’ts when meeting with corporates, so that you enhance rather than hurt your funding prospects. Rob and Ben then go on to share how to establish successful corporate relationships and win-win partnerships. For those interested in securing corporate partners, this is for you.



Winning as the Underdog: How to Win Large Partnerships Where You Don’t (think you) Stand a Chance.

In this 43 minute presentation, Rob Wood and Ben Swart guide you on how to win money from corporations against bigger competition despite being the underdog. In short, how you as “David” can win the funding grant despite facing off with “Goliath”. They focus on how to pitch in a way that increases your chance of winning the funding grant.  Rob and Ben show you how you can prepare, talk about things that the company is interested in and maximize on the limited time the company gives you to pitch effectively. It is definitely a valuable presentation for those interested in corporate pastures.