Plan C Online Discussions

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Plan C Online Discussions

Connecting the world and responding to the COVID-19 crisis together.

Plan C is a series of free online discussions from the Resource Alliance, taking place from April 2020.

Everyone is working in crisis mode, not only to ensure that missions are being honoured, needs are being met and resource streams are being fed right here and right now…but also to ensure that our organisations will come out on the other end of this period as viable, relevant and whole.

By re-connecting the world and finding certainty when where is no clarity, we can respond to Coronavirus together. Our Plan C online discussion series is designed to do just that, from the perspective of the fundraising and social impact communities, addressing many of the issues that the social impact sector is facing today – from crisis management, diversifying income streams, leading remote teams and much more. And it does so in a way that is compatible with global health guidelines: virtually.

Keep your Plan A, hold tight to your Plan B…and in these uncertain and chaotic times, join us as we explore Plan C.