Emerge Capacity Development Programme

The Resource Alliance Capacity Development Programme

Building a more just, equitable and thriving future for social impact organisations and their leaders

The Resource Alliance has a commitment to work with social impact organisations of every size and type, fostering new kinds of collaborations, partnerships and alliances. With more than 30 years of experience in delivering training and knowledge sharing – and a network of expertise that spans the globe – we receive requests from organisations large and small for help with their resource mobilisation and fundraising needs.

The Emerge Programme was developed with insight gained from over ten years’ global and regional experience of delivering tailored capacity development programmes.

The guiding vision for this programme is the emergence of organisations capable of delivering on their mission – a vision that we share with many sector stakeholders and donors. The programme has been successfully implemented with partners in regions and countries across different corners of the globe. The structured approach – incorporating in-depth needs assessments, carefully curated training workshops, strategy development, and executive coaching – has enabled the work to build the capacities of organisations and influence their culture.

What this has achieved includes:

  • Strengthened organisational capacity in fundraising and resource mobilisation, including, if needed, the development of appropriate organisational structures and processes
  • Enhanced resource mobilisation skills, competence and confidence amongst key staff
  • A functioning resource mobilisation strategy with plans and tools to support the process
  • Mentoring for increased and diversified funding in the short, medium and long term.

Over the years, the programme has been implemented with input and insight from our unrivalled network of fundraising and resource mobilisation professionals around the world to deliver a comprehensive capacity building programme.

However, with the ever shifting and evolving social impact landscape the programme has needed to adapt accordingly. Funders are challenging everything: from transparency to ethics, from impact to operating models, from accountability to governance.

We have seen this as more of an opportunity than a need. Why? Because we have learned that traditional models that rely on a narrow approach to fundraising are not necessarily the answers to an organisation’s long term financial sustainability, scalability or greater social impact. Interventions, we believe, need to be more holistic, more visionary, more dynamic. More ‘now’.

For more information on the Emerge programme, contact Ajay Mehta.

“We benefited immensely from the Emerge programme. This has enabled us to set concrete targets and objectives, and we are engaged to follow up the strategy with concrete implementation. This will allow us to implement our three-year strategic framework”.

Alex Kamarotos Executive Director, Defence for Children International, Switzerland

“We found the Associate you provided us on the Emerge programme to be highly engaging and knowledgeable, and she was quickly able to get under the skin of our organisation to appreciate what we needed and how we could develop our fundraising strategy.”

Maria Alejandra Pavicich Coordinator of Institutional Development, Memoria Abierta, Argentina


What is the Emerge programme?

Emerge is a capacity building programme whose aim is to help organisations to devise and implement a fundraising strategy that enables them to diversify their income sources and improve the prospect of long term financial sustainability. The delivery process is designed to help the organisations improve their resource mobilisation skills and strategic thinking and also enable them to critically assess other areas of organisational functioning, including governance, leadership and management. The change that Resource Alliance wants to see is that organisations take ownership of and sustain new resource mobilisation activities that diversify their income base.

The programme is delivered by Resource Alliance associates (consultants), who are carefully selected and matched with the organisation in terms of skills, experience and their location.


Who is the Emerge programme aimed at?

The main beneficiaries of this programme are small to medium-sized organisations who need help and support to diversify and grow their funding portfolio for growth and/or sustainability. 


What are the benefits of taking part in the Emerge programme?

  • Strengthened organisational capacity in fundraising and resource mobilisation, including, if needed, the development of appropriate organisational structures and processes;
  • Enhanced resource mobilisation skills, competence and confidence amongst key staff;
  • A functioning resource mobilisation strategy with plans and tools to support the process;
  • Coaching and mentoring to support the organisation in increasing and diversifying funding in the short, medium and long term.


What happens during the Emerge programme? 

The intervention combines the expertise of a consultant with local market knowledge and a diverse range of skills and experience matched with each Oak grantee, and an opportunity to participate in peer learning activities. They are then supported by the Resource Alliance through the following process over 12 months.

The ultimate aim of the programme being implemented is for the participants to become more resilient, sustainable and capable of affecting change in their areas of work. It also aims to make organisations more robust, less dependent on a small number of donors and better able to leverage funding from a wide range of sources for the changes they wish to make. The project focuses on the critical areas of leadership and resource mobilisation, which are crucial to an organisation’s survival and its ability to grow and bring about sustainable programme outcomes.


What has been the impact of the Emerge programme? 

  • Foster confidence and skills amongst staff, which can be applied to other areas of fundraising and to ingrain a culture of strategic thinking with regard to resource mobilisation 
  • Develop a fundraising culture within the whole organisation so that resource mobilisation becomes a collective effort and an integral part of organisational functioning rather than a silo activity that is the responsibility of a few
  • Help establish an exit strategy for the organisation so that the financial dependency on any single funder is reduced 


Who has taken part previously in the Emerge programme?

Since 2014, the Emerge programme has supported 42 organisations across 15 different countries across Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.


What do NGOs need to do to apply for the Emerge programme?

Organisations interested in the programme should contact Ajay Mehta.


What can funders do if they’re interested in funding the Emerge programme?

The Emerge programme has clear benefits for NGOs requiring help with building their fundraising capacities. However, funders whose aims and mission concern the building of the fundraising capacity of their grantees may also benefit through investing in the financial sustainability of their grantees.

Funders and investors interested in finding out more about the Emerge programme should contact Ajay Mehta.