Project Warp


A creative hub where changemakers can connect and learn with like-minded people across the globe.

#ProjectWARP, powered by the Resource Alliance, is a global community hub for sector pioneers with a social impact in mind. It is a creative hub where changemakers can connect and learn with like-minded people across the globe.

#ProjectWARP connects, inspires and enables. There are 100s of thousands of people in the world who want to see change done better, slicker and more efficiently.

We can work together to accelerate change. We want your thoughts. We want insights from sector changemakers right now. Help us create the global hub of the future.

What are we trying to create?

When you come to IFC, and meet people from all over the world, you leave informed, energised and inspired.

What if we could create that all year-round using technology to connect us all?

Including those who can’t be here – who will probably never have the opportunity to come to an event like IFC.


Who is #ProjectWARP for?

Not to connect just fundraisers – but change makers for good of all kinds. Bringing in others critical to bring change from communicators to campaigners. And from other sectors.

A virtual place to meet like-minded people. A safe space to ask questions – and answer them. A place to continue the conversation.

Where you can contribute your thoughts. Where you can help and mentor others. And others can help and mentor you.

Where language is not a barrier. Where cost is not a barrier. Where you can easily access all the learnings and insights from events like IFC. And so much more.

A community. A community you can be part of to help bring change for good. At a time, the world around us is changing fast – and it’s not going to get slower. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, refugee crisis, discrimination, widening poverty.

We live in a world of shifting paradigms. Old ways are no longer working. So, we need to help one other to work out how to make change for a better world.

But we want your input to get it right.

Project WARP is our codename for the creation of this. A World Action Resource Platform!

How to get from where we are – to where we want to be – as fast as possible.


Help us create this community

Think it could be the best of SLACK, WHATS APP, TEAMS + a good chat in the bar!

That’s what Project WARP is about. We want to accelerate this project to get to a new future to bring about transformative change. And we need you to do that.

We need your creative ideas and energy to get there.

To create a global community for social impact, bringing fundraisers and other changemakers together, to share their needs, knowledge, and resources.


I’m in – what do you want me to do?

Help tell us what you want this project to be so we can help you.

Three questions to think about:

  1. What are the problems and challenges you, and people you work with need help to overcome, and how could PROJECT_WARP and the community we create help you solve them?
  2. How could you help contribute to this community?
  3. What do you get from meeting people at IFC, that helps energises you and inspires you, to be a better change maker?


Launching in 2020

Meet inspiring people to help you (and them) make change happen for good.

Watch this space!