Senior Leadership Summit

Senior Leadership Summit: 20 May 2021 


As a social impact leader do you feel overwhelmed by change? Too much, too fast, too different? 

Does your leadership team struggle to effectively prioritise the work needed? 

Does the balance between budget and impact tilt in the wrong direction? 

Is technology working for you? Are you working in harmony with your IT teams and technology partners or are they speaking a different language from you, hindering your impact capacity? 


These are just some of the critical questions challenging charity and fundraising leaders today.   


In our current reality, many social impact organisations globally face huge challenges in coping with the accelerating level of change required to thrive in the current environment of increased budget pressures and increased urgency for digitally driven change.   

We all know of organisations which have taken on ambitious ‘new’ initiatives aimed at transforming their work, but find themselves challenged by the pressures this places on their existing work and finances.   

Change done right can be transformative, whilst change done wrong can be tragic.  The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with the urgent need for change.  Any previous choice we may have had has been nullified by the necessity to survive, adapt and thrive. 

Whilst the decision to change or not has been taken from us in the midst of the pandemic, we still have a major choice within our control, do we embrace change and do it right? Or do we fight it and face the prospect of failure?

20 MAY 2021

On 20 May 2021 from 12:00 – 14:30 (BST) we will tackle these critical issues and we’d love you to join us at our next Senior Leadership Summit.  

This month, we will step away from the traditional format of ‘keynote followed by breakout session’ and adopt an interactive session led by John Roberts, co-founder Proteus, change management specialists to the commercial and NGO sector.  John will help us unpack the three key factors which will help you take control and accelerate change for your organisations  

Exclusive for senior leaders in the charity and social impact sector, this Senior Leadership Summit will allow for small group discussion and learning between peers. 


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Co-founder of Proteus, over the last 20 years John Roberts has helped dozens of organisations, primarily at C suite level, to successfully deliver their change ambitions e.g. digital transformations, mergers and acquisitions, major costs efficiencies across 21 industry sectors.  John describes himself as “passionate about the NGO sector” but “frustrated watching transformation projects unnecessarily fail in the sector”.    He’s a firm believer that with the support of fundraisers and C suite commitment the sector can deliver change ‘faster better and cheaper’ and generate greater impact to its beneficiaries.  

Winners of multiple awards, including being the Harvard Business Review and Gartner transformation case study on ‘rebuilding a mighty business’, John says he is most proud of the fact that all their work comes from personal recommendations.  “My ethos is based on trust, integrity, ‘no nonsense approach’, minimal intervention and doing what’s right for others.”

 “I invited John to work with Concern’s Senior Management Team on a number of areas, including transformation initiatives and strategy planning. John’s engagement with Concern more than delivered on our expectations. At the end of the programme, the team were equipped with an array of tactics and tools to help us deliver on our goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.” Dominic MacSorley, Concern Worldwide  


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