Getting to grips with GDPR

2019 Bursary

Getting to grips with GDPR

(and what to do when it inevitably goes wrong)

This 45-minute session is a short tour of UK and European data protection legislation, with a focus on the charity sector.

We are barristers at 5 Essex Court, Temple, with specialisms in data protection. We act for charities, media organisations, the UK Government, regulators, local authorities, police forces, and individuals. We advise on internal policies and how to prevent data breaches, and we help argue our clients’ position when it goes wrong. We also help our clients use data protection as a tool to achieve their desired outcomes; GDPR is not only a stick to be beaten with.

Inevitably, your organisation processes data. It probably controls data as well. If you haven’t got to grips with GDPR already, it is only a matter of time before you will have to. If you have – there’s always room for improvement. Why not explore it with us?

Even 45 minutes is possibly too long to listen to information about data protection. We gladly welcome discussion and your questions.