Major Donor Bootcamp: For those who have never done it, and those who want to do it better!

Major donor fundraising!  How often have you dreamed about that big gift? If you only knew how to get started … If you only knew how do get it off the ground …  If you only knew those first few key steps you need to take, to make it happen.   

Well now is the time!  IFC is the place!  Here’s your chance!  

Here is your chance to get started. Here is your chance to work with those who have worked at launching major donor programmes with organisations big and small on several continents.  Here is your chance to find out how to get started on a major donor fundraising programme for your organisation and how to make it the best it can be.   

Join Tony Myers and Jan Uekermann as they bring you more than 20+ years of experience in launching major donors fundraising programmes around the world. 


Aimed at: 

  • Senior NGO leaders, Executive Directors & CEOs 
  • Board members 
  • Fundraisers who want to launch a major donor programme 
  • Foundations that want to raise more money 
  • Major Donor Fundraisers who want to do it better, understand it more 


Learning outcomes: 

  • What’s the first step? 
  • What are the critical success factors? 
  • Three approaches to getting it off the ground! 
  • How to convince my NGO it has to do this 
  • How do I calculate the return on investment? 
  • How much time and money do I need to get started? 
  • The seven things I need to know before asking big 
  • How do I grow my major donor programme?