Women’s Leadership Panel

2019 Bursary

This powerful and provocative session will bring together eight inspiring women leaders from across the social good space to share their perspectives and examine the impact that female leaders can have on their organisations – and the impact that leadership roles can have on the women who hold them.

Alongside a discussion about the unique qualities that women leaders bring to the table, we’ll look at some developing initiatives aimed at getting women into top leadership positions and inspiring them to think big about the values-based paradigm shifts they’ll effect once they get there.  We’ll also have open and frank conversations around topics such as work/life balance, flexibility, resilience, burnout, fears, strengths, failures, and more.

The conversation will encompass numerous viewpoints, including the ‘70% women leaders by 2030’ initiative and the counterpoint that argues we should be focusing on the kinds of leaders we need to nurture and support in the 21st century – as opposed to their gender.

We’ll hear about what true diversity looks like and unpack the issues around bringing it to our community.

Open to everyone, this is a highly participatory and thought-provoking session and sure to be a rich conversation!