Written advocacy

2019 Bursary

Written advocacy

Insights into persuasion from two barristers

For barristers, advocacy is their trade. Their role is to be persuasive, whether in legal submissions to judges, when negotiating a settlement, or when convincing a headstrong client to take realistic advice.

In the world of fundraising, advocacy is your trade, too. You want to persuade people to support your causes, whether that is through grant applications or fundraising literature. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make your writing more persuasive?

Through their work as barristers, speakers Aaron Moss & John Goss know that writing is most persuasive when it uses an authentic voice that is concise and measured. Persuasive writing is a skill their profession has in common with yours. This session will share the tips of their trade and help you learn about their styles of persuasive writing. The session will encourage you to reflect on your own style of written advocacy and consider what you can learn from others.

We trust you have been persuaded you to join!