Francesco Ambrogetti (USA)

Supporter Engagement Lead, UNICEF

Francesco is leading the Supporter Engagement strategy of UNICEF international with the target of mobilizing 100 million people to give their voice, time and money to support children. Before this role he has led the Innovative finance for the Capital Fund of the UN and Marketing and Fundraising Director for UNICEF Italy. Francesco has 25 years of fundraising experience with major nonprofit organizations including UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNHCR, MSF, WWF and the Red Cross. His experience extends worldwide and includes raising billions of dollars in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. He launched the campaign “Schools for Africa” for UNICEF that raised over $200 million. Francesco is a Professor of Fundraising at Bologna University and a frequent speaker at international fundraising congresses. He is the author of Emotionraising: How to astonish, disturb, seduce and convince the brain to support good causes, published in 2016 by Civil Society Press and Hooked on a feeling. How passion and devotion for good causes becomes memories and identities (2021, Hillborn).

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Hooked On A Feeling