Adva Priso 2020

Adva Priso (USA)

Senior Vice President, CCAH

Adva Priso has led cutting-edge digital fundraising, activation, and communications campaigns for nonprofit organizations and Fortune 100 companies for more than 15 years.

As senior vice president at Chapman Cubine + Hussey (CCAH), she oversees digital account strategy and leads the nonprofit digital advertising division. She specializes in developing data-driven multi-channel strategies that stand out, create deeper engagement and boost revenue.

Previously, Adva led digital strategy and execution at Anne Lewis Strategies on behalf of clients including Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corps, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Smithsonian Institution and National Partnership for Women and Families.

Prior to entering consulting, she led the digital program for high-value members and prospects at World Wildlife Fund where she generated and oversaw millions in new revenue for WWF and pioneered mid-level donor cultivation and fundraising best practices that have been adopted by many other nonprofits

Adva is a frequent speaker at nonprofit conferences and has been interviewed for and published in numerous publications about topics such as fundraising, lead generation and donor acquisition, mid-level donor engagement and creating content that drives action. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in broadcast journalism. 

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