Barbara Nöst (Zambia)

CEO, Zambian Governance Foundation for Civil Society

Barbara Nöst is the CEO of the Zambian Governance Foundation for Civil Society (ZGF). Prior to coming to Zambia, Barbara worked in various long-and short-term assignments broadly related to governance, institution building and civil society development in both Europe and Africa. Having worked in the formal aid sector in various capacities – as a desk officer, as a consultant, as a programme coordinator and as the CEO of a local organisation in the Global South – she experienced the power imbalances that come into play in the interaction between actors in the Global North and the Global South. She believes that local communities have the power and resourcefulness to shape their own development without relying on external aid. Her current main interest is to transform ZGF, a largely donor funded organisation, into a local community foundation which can sustain itself with resources available within Zambia.

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