Chantal Gill’ard (Netherlands)

Chair, The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence

Mrs Gill’ard brings a diversity of skills to this panel.
Her career has been a beautiful journey, having worked in filmmaking on medical ethics and globalization; as social worker with youth; refugees, women and jobless people. She also was strategic lead corporate partnerships with Plan Netherlands.

She has extensive experience in politics and healthcare, from 2006 till 2010 she was a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands serving on the Health and the Foreign Affairs Committees. Her focus points were on maternal and newborn health, reproductive rights, medical ethics, rare and neglected diseases and the biotechnology agenda.

She also brings a background in biotechnology and patient centric care. Mrs Gill’ard holds a MA in Biotechnological Law and Ethics from the Law department of the University of Sheffield and a BSc in Biotechnology from the Rotterdam University. From 2010 till March 2014 she was board member of the Dutch Genetic Alliance, member of EGAN.

At the moment she serves as chair of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, as chair of the board of Directors of Dunya Healthcare and as member of the Wisdom Council of the Center for Human Emergence.

“In 2009 I discovered breast cancer, which I took as starting an inner journey. I came out of that crisis very strong and with renewed passion for spiritual and empowering childbirth. This is what I do as my main focus on my life’s path. Together we welcome the new souls, and assisting their parents to meet their child in her/his full capacity. It is my vision to create a financial fund out of which spiritual birthing centers can arise around the globe. Childbirth professionals owning the centers and working there have done their inner work and are trauma free to hold an undisturbed birthing space. I could go on sharing about this but all can one day be read in my forthcoming book, which is more a manifesto. Besides childbirth, writing about my inner and health processes is a joy of mine. To name another activity which gives me a lot of joy is womb work. The womb is the place of all creation. I share the Rite of the Womb, also called the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki in women circles. This I feel is another calling, working with sisters in circles on healing and empowerment. In my experience good leadership starts with mastering one self, and this journey starts with birth.”

At the moment mrs Gill’ard is going through a second health crisis which she experiences as another spiritual awakening. In 2015 she was diagnosed with metastasis from breast cancer in her spine as well as with Lyme disease.