Donna Reitano (Switzerland)

Principal, FundsUp

Donna has 20 years’ experience in management, resource mobilisation, and advocacy in multi-cultural NGOs and intergovernmental organisations. She is co-founder of em4, a Scotland-based social enterprise serving foundations and non-profit organisations to enable sustainable delivery of aligned missions through cutting-edge fundraising and leadership training. Donna’s focus has been on developing strategy and sustainability for business-driven and cause-driven organisations as an advocate for their top-priority issues to the government, the European Union, and the UN. 

For the past ten years, Donna has been dedicated to NGOs and social enterprises involved with human and environmental rights at FundsUp, her own consultancy. She has also actively volunteered for an NGO lobbying for policy and regulatory change at the UN as well as acting as a board member to a grassroots organisation developing autonomous subsistence programmes and youth education in Cambodia.

Donna’s educational background is in languages, law, and business. She shares her time between France and Switzerland. 


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