Esther Kwaku

Storyteller, content artist, and energiser, The Nerve Network

Esther is the creative force behind The Nerve Network, an agency and social enterprise on a mission to supercharge the brilliance of people living in remote, low-income places. Having worked in the nonprofit sector for almost 20 years, Esther has travelled to over 40 countries, working on global humanitarian issues in places like Sudan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, and Myanmar. Driven by an urge to work more closely with grassroots communities, Esther eventually quit her day job and set out on a serendipitous mission to find others who were making powerful change happen in the world. Fast forward to today and she now leads the vibrant tribe that is Nerve. A self-professed rebel with a mission, she is also a keynote speaker and masterclass teacher on storytelling, purpose, authenticity, and having those game-changing conversations that we all know need to happen!