Gerbren Deves (Netherlands)

Global Development Director, World Press Photo Foundation

Gerbren Deves began his career in fundraising with MSF Holland in 2006, working on corporate major giving and corporate partnerships. In February 2014, he became the head of MSF Holland’s philanthropy team, with a focus on HNWIs, foundations, companies, middle donors, and legacies & inheritances.Throughout his time at MSF, Gerbren was part of various international working groups related to ethics in fundraising, such as acceptance policies and ethical guidelines. In the summer of 2021, he joined the management team of the World Press Photo Foundation. Highly passionate about (fundraising) ethics, Gerbren has spoken on the topic in skillshare meetings,in training sessions, and atconferences. Gerbren continues to serve as a non-executive board member for MSF-Holland.