Griet Dehandschutter (USA)

Founder, Dehandschutter & Associates

From elementary school in Belgium, Griet questioned the status quo and aspired to be a changemaker. Her fearless curiosity led to a personal and professional journey, spanning oceans and continents. Griet thrives on spotting opportunities to build intentional community and on bridging geographic, cultural and sectoral boundaries.

Griet pioneers across sectors and disciplines. After graduating from law school in Belgium, followed by International Relations studies at Johns Hopkins University in Bologna and Washington, DC, she established the first European-American Chamber of Commerce in the United States and developed a novel impact strategy. She moved on to become an award-winning communications consultant for Burson-Marsteller, before her appointment as representative of the Flemish government in Boston, where she successfully attracted American companies to invest in Belgium.

In 2005, Griet started her private international fundraising practice, Dehandschutter & Associates, based in Boston, to counsel continental non-profits how to capitalise on strategic opportunities. She recognized the urgency to diversify their income in a rapidly changing world of shrinking government support and increased global competition. She advises leaders across the non-profit sector in 15 countries to transform their organisations and engage in strategic private fundraising, locally and globally.

The strategic fundraising road map is her most recent brainchild. CFRE certified, Griet is writing a book on the subject and speaks locally and internationally. She is an active volunteer leader, loves to travel with her family and enjoys painting abstract cows.

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