Jayne George (UK)

Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Media, RNLI

As we weather this unprecedented storm, we turn to experience. From RNLI and Guide Dogs to Save the Children, The Children’s Society, and more, Jayne has experience in spades. Now back with RNLI, she brings her experience as a passionate fundraiser, campaigner, and volunteer to the table.

As well as working within individual charities and NGOs, Jayne has worked as a consultant, helping causes to achieve transformational and sustainable growth and using the wealth of her experience to advise on fundraising, marketing, and campaign strategies.

Her most recent passion project has been to collaborate with senior fundraisers across the globe to design an international leadership programme to grow the number of senior fundraisers, and their capabilities, all over the world. Supporting causes close to her heart, Jayne has put her money where her mouth is, completing a number of challenges to both raise funds and inspire others to do the same. Now, it’s our turn to be inspired.

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