Katy Grennier (Thailand)

CEO, Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership - DSIL Global

Katy is an experienced alternative educator, trained coach and well-versed practitioner who has had the great privilege of traveling the globe to serve all sectors to teach the process of Human-Centered Design (HCD) / design thinking. In everything she does, she intentionally encourages diverse groups to come together to collaborate in ways that can move them forward faster by listening deeper than ever before. In fact, she started a company around this.

For the last four years, Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership (DSIL Global) has been re-writing the possibility of new narratives for international development that have embedded stories of HCD coming alive in local contexts, focusing on Southeast Asia. Through HCD, individuals, teams and companies organically solve complex problems or create richer programs and products by including everyone, from donors to the people benefiting from the services.

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