Kaz McGrath

Kaz McGrath (Australia)

Founder, Starling

Kaz puts her brand values at the heart of everything she does – radical responsibility, collaboration and creativity. She supports organisations to amplify their impact by implementing new power values and rethink the way they collaborate and innovate. 

Kaz is the Founder of Starling, a brand new organisation that brings together ambitious leaders, bold organisations and great agencies to work collaboratively on purpose driven projects. By bringing together and collaborating with the people and organisations who are best at what they do, Starling offers a unique model that breaks down barriers and drives collective impact. 

She is the co-founder of the award-winning Ration Challenge that brought together 3 diverse organisations and 5 innovative agencies to build a $15 million global fundraising and advocacy campaign for refugees. 

Most recently she has been part of the founding team of the Resilient Energy Collective – a brand new organisation built to accelerate bushfire response and build the resilience of Australian energy infrastructure. A collective of diverse groups working together for a common goal including Tesla, solar company 5B, State and Local government, energy regulations, national service providers, local communities and disaster relief experts. 

Kaz is a driving force for change in the social impact sector and asks us all to take radical responsibility to innovate together.