Kim van Niekerk (UK)

Speaker, trainer, and coach, Kim van Niekerk

Kim is the designer of the Pendulum Technique, a simple way of understanding how your nervous system influences how you listen, communicate, and make decisions; how you access your creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience; and how effective you are at collaborating with others. Kim combines mindfulness, embodiment, and positive psychology to help leaders and teams experience whole new ways of being, all with the goal of finding more flow and less conflict with their teams and in their work. 
Kim’s journey started in fundraising 15 years ago, when she consulted for and coached fundraisers and was fascinated by the question, “Why does the right thing to say come so easily to some and not to others?” This led her to bring together some of the most powerful ideas in neuroscience, organisational behaviour, and personal presence. Today, she is a faculty member of the European Investment Bank Institute’s, Social Innovation Tournament, teaching social start-ups across Europe on inner leadership, presentation skills, and the concept of flow. Kim also coaches and trains CEOs and senior leadership teams across all sectors on emotional technology to help them explore their transformational leadership skills and their role in shaping culture. Kim teaches at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising in the UK.