Kirsty McNeill (UK)

Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, Save The Children

Kirsty McNeill has spent her career at the intersection of public pressure and public policy. She is Save the Children’s Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, leading teams to galvanise the public and influence policymakers on humanitarian action, global development and help for children here in the UK.

Previously, she founded a consultancy advising some of the world’s leading charities and spent three years as a Special Adviser in Number 10. She came to Downing Street having led the policy and influencing work of DATA (now the ONE campaign) in Britain, Germany, France, Italy and the EU institutions. Before joining DATA she was on the board of Make Poverty History and managed the Stop AIDS Campaign, successfully negotiating a commitment to universal access to AIDS treatment from the 2005 G8. She is on the boards of the Coalition for Global Prosperity, Holocaust Educational Trust and the Centre for Countering Digital Hate.

You can read her writing on power and policy at www.kirstymcneill.com.

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