Lisa Bell - Tell Jane

Lisa Bell (UK)

HR Director, Tell Jane

Lisa Bell is the founder of Tell Jane: an HR consultancy specialising in tackling workplace harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

A seasoned, CIPD-qualified HR professional with almost 20 years’ experience under her belt and an MA in Human Resource Management, Lisa is eager to support organisations and their employees by equipping them with the tools to prevent and overcome issues relating to toxic workplace behaviour.

Lisa is passionate about ensuring employee welfare is at the heart of business and provides invaluable advice through case handling, HR consultancy, training, and workshops to enhance company culture, employer brand, and employee retention.

As well as offering training to prevent workplace harassment and guidance in overcoming incidences, through Tell Jane, Lisa has established an anonymous hotline for employees to report concerns relating to bullying, discrimination, and harassment, whether as a victim or as a bystander.



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