Max Jakob (Austria)

Managing Director, Formunauts
Max has been working in face-to-face fundraising since 2005. He started as a street fundraiser and has since been involved in many face-to-face campaigns internationally.
Even in his role as Managing Director at Formunauts, he loves to join some of the fundraising teams of their clients from time to time. The mission of Formunauts is to connect, empower and inspire the face-to-face community to unlock everyone´s full potential! Being the leading software platform for face-to-face acquisition in Europe, used by Greenpeace, Save the Children, Amnesty and many others, there´s a lot to learn from what face-to-face fundraising looks like today and what it could look like tomorrow.
Therefore, and after having analysed a lot of campaigns and processes, Formunauts have launched a new approach to creating and managing Face-to-Face campaigns more effectively.
The “Formunauts One” Marketplace platform is utilising the existing software platform to the fullest and combines it with expertise and passion, to create innovative and effective face-to-face campaigns for charities of all sizes.
His experience in face-to-face fundraising and his understanding of technology are a rare combination and a guarantee for interesting conversations.