Pascal de Smit

Pascal de Smit (Netherlands)

Executive Director, World Animal Protection

Pascal has been a fundraising manager, consultant, entrepreneur, and executive director with a strong (direct) marketing and fundraising background. During almost 20 years he was in leading roles within INGOs as well as for two fundraising agencies. Pascal grew and created income streams for a range of charities in the Netherlands, including Amnesty, Greenpeace, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. An Executive Director of World Animal Protection since 2014, he has led the Dutch team through the global rebrand, an impactful reorganisation, and a new strategic orientation. Balancing between functional interests, Dutch directness, English business standards, and the cultural varieties of the Global South, Pascal has gained both great and ‘interesting’ experiences to share during the Integrated Campaigning Bootcamp masterclass at IFC 2019.


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