Rachael Ward (Malaysia)

Head of Digital, SG Support

Trained as a growth creator, Rachael started her career in a digital marketing agency helping blue-chip companies (L’Oreal Paris, Emborg, and Lancome) to bridge the gap between data, practical results, and brand awareness. Given the ability to create strategic and multifaceted campaigns, she is able to help accelerate online brand presence against the competition in the digital advertising markets.

Since joining SG Support in 2016, Rachael has established extensive experience with developing aggressive fundraising growth strategies, improving conversion, and generating leads at scale for charities across Asia. In recent years, she has spearheaded the SG Digital initiative, helping multiple charities in Asia seamlessly transit from traditional into digital fundraising. Outside of work, she actively pursues her personal interest in setting up her own preschool in Malaysia. She firmly believes that early childhood education sets the foundation for a better future.