Sara Alfort 2019

Sara Alfort (Denmark)

Journalist & Community Organiser, Zetland

At Zetland, Sara Alfort is the community organiser of Zetlands readership. Zetland wants to challenge the traditional relationship between media and consumer.

Readers are members of a community, where they contribute, meet, discuss and can influence both editorially and strategically.

Several times Zetlands members have proven to be a powerhouse of engagement. In just two weeks after the summer of 2019, Zetland ambassadors convinced more than 2000 new members to sign up.

During the summer of 2017, Zetland began publishing all articles not only as text but also as podcasts – primarily because members had asked for this feature. It turned out to be a great success. Today, Zetland members listen more than they read the articles of the day.

As a journalist, Sara has experimented with ways to engage readers in the editorial process, and she is in charge of driving Zetlands exploration of new ways to invite members to a more engaging, constructive and insightful form of public conversation.