Sarah Olivieri (USA)

Nonprofit business strategist, PivotGround

Sarah Olivieri is a nonprofit business strategist, international best-selling author, and former executive director. She frequently presents at conferences and online training sessions and has been a featured expert on more than 50 podcasts. Sarah is the creator of the Impact Method™, a framework that helps nonprofits simplify their operations, build aligned teams, and make a bigger impact without their staff becoming overwhelmed or burning out.

Sarah received her BA from the University of Chicago, where her studies focused on globalisation and its effect on marginalised cultures, and holds a master’s degree in Humanistic and Multicultural Education from SUNY New Paltz. She was the co-founder of the Open Center for Autism, Executive Director of the Helping of War Foundation, and co-author of Lesson Plan a la Carte: Integrated Planning for Students with Special Needs.

With over 17 years of nonprofit leadership experience, and as the founder of and heart behind PivotGround, Sarah helps nonprofits make a big impact with relative ease.