Sofie Redzematovic (Sweden)

Business Developer, The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation

With 13 years of fundraising experience, starting in campaigns, direct mailing and fundraising appeals, Sofie Redzematovic, or “Red” for short, has over time specialized on what happens behind the scenes.

With a background in behavioral science and CRM, she began to study donor behavior in 2010.

An interest in donor loyalty grew and took hold. She is now a specialist in the strategic use of segmentation, predictive modeling and donor insights.

Sofie’s focus is developing the organization from within, using all the talent, data, knowledge and technology possible to increase donations to the fight against heart and lung disease.

She is passionate about the donor experience, always taking time to chat with a donor whenever possible. Because although she works mainly under the bonnet, the donor’s perspective is always the driving force behind all she does. 

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