Sonya Burke (UK)

Consultant, ACA Philanthropy & Fundraising

After nine years in individual giving for NGOs in the UK, Sonya then spent a decade starting and developing fundraising programmes all over the world, from Colombia to Taiwan via Ethiopia, for INGOs such as Save the Children, MSF, and Amnesty International, as well as for smaller national organisations. To do this, Sonya has moved herself and her family all over the world. She returned to London to be Amnesty International’s Global Head of Individual Giving where she implemented a new global fundraising investment strategy.

Sonya loves working with national fundraisers from all over the globe and believes that starting a fundraising operation will galvanise any entity to dramatically improve their overall organisational strength.

She recently became a consultant for ACA Philanthropy & Fundraising working with UK and International clients to help them build strong, fundraising focussed organisations.


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