Susan Morgan (UK)

Director, Tony Elischer Foundation

Susan is Director of Tony Elischer Foundation, which provides mentoring support and guidance to professional fundraisers.  Alongside the founding Trustees, she managed the establishment of this new organisation in 2017 and is now enabling an international network of mentors to transform the professional futures of the mentees on the programme.

She has a career spanning over twenty-five years in the UK charity sector, working with a wide range of charities; formerly as a fundraiser, and since 2007, with THINK Consulting Solutions where she continues to be an Associate.

Susan started in the pioneering days of charity retail, learning how central volunteers are to the fundraising mix and the importance of relationships to engage and create loyal supporters. She then led the regional fundraising development team at British Red Cross included creating training & development programmes for fundraising staff which fuelled a commitment to the value of investment in the skills of professional fundraisers.

At THINK, Susan works on a diverse range of projects and established and leads the THINK Stewardship Tracker, a mystery shopping programme which monitors and analyses the long-term supporter experience.

She is based in York in the UK but works across the UK and internationally with mentors, mentees and supporters of the Foundation. Susan is also a Trustee of the Psoriasis Association.