Veronica Colondam (Indonesia)

Founder/CEO, YCAB Foundation

Veronica is the founder and CEO of YCAB Foundation. YCAB is a social enterprise which focuses its work in the area of youth development, using financial inclusion to provide education for the underprivileged youth. Since its inception in 1999, YCAB has empowered more than three million youths in a sustainable way. YCAB retains the General Consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC and ranks #40 of top 500 NGOs in the world by Global Geneva, a Geneva-based NGO Advisor in January 2018.

YCAB believes that education is the basis to improve welfare therefore focuses on youth empowerment and livelihood. To date YCAB has touched the lives of 3+ million underprivileged youth through education and entrepreneurship.

Obtained her MSc. from Imperial College London and an alumnus of postgraduate program in Global Leadership Harvard Kennedy School (2008), MIT (2010) and Yale (2014); in Social Entrepreneurship (INSEAD, 2009); and in Impact Investing (Oxford, 2012). She’s Young Global Leader (2006), EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year (2011), Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year (2012), Forbes’ 48 Asian Philanthropist (2015), and recently, awardee of the UN Solution Maker 2017.

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