Yaele Aferiat (France)

Executive Director AFF, French Fundraisers Association

Yaële’s career is marked by a commitment to the general interest sector and its professionalisation. After studying economics and marketing and a brief foray into the profit sector, she was stung by the non-profit sector. Fundraising quickly became obvious as it brings together both marketing and non-profit projects.

She discovered this exciting profession in Israël and in the Netherlands at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) where her adventure with the french Fundraising association began. Curious by nature and to perfect her training, she undertook a Master’s degree in non-profit management.

Beyond all this, what particularly motivates her is her deep taste for the human being and the conviction that together we are stronger!

That’s the reason why besides being the head of the french fundraisers association, she lauched Giving Tuesday in France in 2018 and is the president of Parcours d’exil, an NGO dedicated to migrants health in Paris.