Ying Ye (China)

Cofounder & CEO, Fundraising Innovation Development Center

Ying Ye has over 10 years of practical and consulting experience in philanthropy, communication, and fundraising. Ying graduated from the Chinese Language and Literature Department of Fudan University, and began their career working as an editor on China’s Reader’s Digest which is based in Shanghai. Ying joined the founding team of the Shanghai United Foundation in 2010 and has worked as a fundraiser since. For the past ten years, Ying has provided consulting services to a variety of clients including government, online fundraising platforms, foundations, INGOs, and grassroots NGOs. In 2016, Ying cofounded FIDC, the Fundraising Innovation Development Center, and since that time has worked as the organisation’s CEO. The mission of FIDC is to promote the professionalisation of fundraising in China. In recent years, the organisation has published several online fundraising reports, translated international fundraising books, become a participation organisation of CFRE, and developed the Chinese Statement of Ethical Principles in Fundraising. The FIDC Annual Fundraising Forum, held every December, is well-respected as China’s largest professional fundraising conference.