Aliza ‘Alice’ Napartivaumnuay (Thailand)

Co-founder, Socialgiver

Through Thailand-based Socialgiver – an innovative solution that helps consumers, businesses and social projects work together to create positive social impact – Alice is helping to revolutionise fundraising by tapping into consumer spending power. Socialgiver.com is an online giving ecosystem that provides ‘a lifestyle with a social twist’ by selling products and services from leading brands at exclusive rates. When consumers spend on Socialgiver, their money directly supports local social projects that are creating meaningful impact. Alice’s philosophy is that sustainable change must happen through public participation. ‘Balancing the social and business side is very important’, she explains. ‘It’s not just the social aspect. You need to see it as a business and run it like one. The financial, technical and marketing aspects alongside the operations of being consumer-centric are all very important. Social enterprises need to be sustainable ourselves in order to create the change that we wish to see in the world’.