Anshu Gupta

Founder, Goonj

Anshu Gupta, popularly known as the Clothing Man, is the Founder of an Indian based nonprofit – Goonj. One of India’s leading social entrepreneurs, Anshu is changing the culture of giving in India. His organisation, Goonj, is the genesis for a parallel economy where people are paid with recycled cloth and other household goods for doing essential work in their communities – taking the emphasis off donor pride and focusing it instead on recipients’ dignity.

Asia’s Nobel, the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award 2015, conferred to him credited him for ‘his creative vision in transforming the culture of giving in India, his enterprising leadership in treating cloth as a sustainable development resource for the poor’.

Anshu has done his Mass communications twice and his masters in Economics. Starting as a freelance journalist, he left a corporate job in 1998 and founded GOONJ with a mission to make clothing a matter of concern and among the list of subjects for the development sector.