Kerren Morris (Australia)

Strategy Director, IVE Group

As Strategy Director at IVE Group Australia, Kerren heads up a team of passionate fundraising specialists within the Customer Experience Division. Kerren joined IVE (previously known as Pareto) in 2018 with a personal mission to help fundraising teams get better results in the short term, while mapping out sustainable growth plans over the long term. Previously Head of Fundraising at Australian Red Cross and Cancer Council, Kerren has managed large fundraising teams and budgets within complex organisations for over 8 years. This followed many years of senior marketing leadership roles across publishing, Pay TV, retail and ecommerce. Using a proven “Agile Fundraising Strategy”, Kerren helps bring teams together on the immersive journey of discovery, to unearth opportunities and build solutions upon the foundations of data and evidence, with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. “A real strategy is one that guides your everyday work and motivates you to keep striving for those long-term goals. A strategy not only survives change but thrives on it.”

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