Liesbet Peeters (UK)

Founding and Managing Partner, Volta Capital

Liesbet is the founder and managing partner of Volta Capital, a boutique impact investing intermediary focused on tailor-made financial instruments designed with impact and purpose.

She has been active in the impact investment space for over 15 years and brings a strong network, as well as a deep understanding of how to apply financial solutions to development and social finance challenges.  She is a recognized leader in financial structuring for impact, bringing together public and private stakeholders in tackling development challenges across multiple sectors. These include the pay-for-performance impact bond for eye surgeries in Cameroon; the early childhood impact bond in the Western Cape in South Africa; and the Lending for Education in Africa Partnership (LEAP), a social fund managed by Volta that provides affordable student financing in East Africa.

In addition, Liesbet has deep experience working with fund managers, investors, development agencies and multi-stakeholder syndicates in setting up their impact fund strategies and impact management processes.

She has a long-standing track record of engaging with senior leadership across public sector, private sector and civil society across Sub Saharan Africa and globally. She has led numerous executive level workshops and training sessions – in impact investing, innovative finance design and structuring and commercial finance deal making, at places e.g, at Global Fund board; ICRC global donor gathering; multi- partisan convenings at DFID, DFAT, ADB, Global Impact Investing Network; Board of Trustees of a leading Kenyan pension fund; etc.

Liesbet sits on the board of a number of her clients’ investee companies as well as the board of Capricorn Venture Partners and Quest for Growth. She chairs the Investment Committee of Impact Assets, a US based donor advised fund manager.