Ligia Peña (Canada)

International Legacy Consultant, GlobetrottingFundraiser

Ligia Peña, CFRE, is an internationally-recognised expert in legacies and gifts in wills. With GlobetrottingFundraiser, she specialises in helping nonprofits develop strategic, data-driven gifts in wills programmes.

Prior to consulting, Ligia was the Global Legacy Manager at Greenpeace International, where she oversaw the organisation’s global legacy strategy in 14 countries. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Kent where she’s researching national legacy marketing campaigns as a tool to change society’s behaviour towards gifts in wills.

As an AFP Master Trainer, she’s trained countless fundraisers around the globe. She’s a sought-after and seasoned international presenter who enjoys sharing her knowledge and empowering nonprofit professionals to think about gifts in wills differently by daring to be creative and innovative.