Neil Hope

Director, Wisdom Fish

A qualified transpersonal psychotherapist and expert practitioner in mindfulness and meditation, Neil Hope has been responsible for the training and development of tens of thousands of young people to be fundraisers and leaders at HOME Fundraising. The organisation has recruited more than 1.7 million donors and raised over £685 million for some of our best-loved charities.

Neil’s early years as a Buddhist monk encouraged him to consider the effect that individuals can have on the tone and outcome of the groups that they lead. The thinking he has developed over the last 25 years has formed the foundations for Wisdom Fish, an organisation which puts mindfulness at the hearts of individuals, teams and organisational cultures.

Neil is currently a student of the lineage holding Lama Khempsar Rinpoche, attending group and solitary retreats several times a year. Over the years, he’s taught hundreds of people to meditate, but more recently is focusing on supporting a handful of committed practitioners with their practice.