Thank you for your interest in speaking at the IFC 2019, which will be held in the NH Leeuwenhorst Conference Centre & Hotel from 15 – 18 October 2019.

Before you submit your proposal, please read the in-depth information and FAQs below. This will hopefully answer any queries you may have and increase the chances of your proposal being selected for the IFC 2019 programme. 

Please be aware that new speakers will be required to submit a video pitch in support of their session applications.

To submit your proposal(s) scroll down to the last FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Timelines & Deadlines

Masterclass proposal deadline: Sunday 13 January 2019
Workshop proposal deadline: Sunday 20 January 2019
Decision on Masterclass proposals: Friday 8 February 2019
Decision on Workshop proposals: By end of April 2019
Draft presentations due date: Friday 16 August 2019

There are some additional important dates for speaker preparation, particularly around extra support for those who are delivering a session for the first time at the IFC. These additional dates will be shared with invitations to speak.


IFC Masterclass Speakers

The vast majority of masterclass speakers must have delivered a shorter workshop session at the IFC before. The IFC is a unique, high intensity and often slightly overwhelming conference experience, which is why we require those speakers delivering 6.5 hour masterclasses to have experienced the environment before.

On rare occasions a speaker who hasn’t presented at the IFC previously will be invited to deliver a masterclass but they will have a proven track record of presenting similar length and in-depth sessions at other conferences in the past.

IFC Workshop Speakers

Workshop speakers are also at an advantage if they have attended and experienced the IFC before.

All applicants must have a proven track record of delivering quality sessions in the past – if not at previous IFC meetings, then at conferences or events of a similar standing.


We encourage speakers to submit sessions with a co-speaker(s) to ensure a diverse and broad range of voices and perspectives.

In order to improve insights and the balance of the programme, each session is expected to incorporate a nonprofit voice within the lineup of presenters. Speakers from agencies, consultancies and providers must invite a co-presenter from an NGO client to provide the best balance of theory and practice of the strategies and ideas presented.

Returning speakers are also encouraged to invite and mentor a new speaker to join them in a session.

Two speakers from the same organisation may not speak together in the same session and there is a three session limit for each organisation, whether the representatives from that organisation submitted the original proposal or were added as a co-speaker.


The Resource Alliance has made a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We place a high value on including a diverse range of voices in every session, in particular those from underrepresented communities.

Session proposals are strongly encouraged to reflect this value in both the individuals participating as presenters and in the content delivered.



All speakers are required to submit the latest version of their draft presentation by Friday 16 August 2019.

This doesn’t need to be the absolute final version of your presentation –  we understand that speakers will often keep tweaking the content right up until the day of presentation and we also encourage speakers to include as recent as possible case studies and examples.

This draft version is for the Advisory Panel to check that the presentation is consistent with the published session outline and will match the expectations of the IFC audience.



A long-form, deep-dive session presented by seasoned expert speaker(s) over 6.5 hours over two days at the start of the congress (Tuesday 15 – Wednesday 16 October).


A 90-minute session delivered multiple times over the course of three days after the masterclass programme (Wednesday 16 – Friday 18 October).

Plenaries (By invite only)

The Opening & Closing Plenary sessions are often the highlight of the conference. Delivered by one or multiple speakers from a large stage with cutting edge production support, the plenaries are the only sessions attended by all 1000 delegates. The type of delivery can differ from year to year but the content will always relate to the overall theme of the conference. Both plenaries are designed to be highly impactful and engaging, broadly speaking the Opening Plenary sets the scene and tone for the rest of the conference, while the Closing Plenary delivers the final emotional punch to remind delegates why they work in this sector and send them back to their jobs on a high.

Big Room (By invite only)

A 90-minute one-off session delivered from a big stage in a big room over three days at the congress (Wednesday 16 – Friday 18 October). These sessions are usually invite-only, although we are always willing to hear ideas. Big Room speakers need to be able to deliver confidentially to a large crowd in an entertaining and engaging manner. Big Room session content must be cutting edge and innovative. These sessions are real conversation starters!

Power Hours (By invite only)

Short, sharp, one-off 60-minute sessions designed to energise and inform delegates at the end of a long day (Wednesday 16 October).


The IFC 2019 Advisory Panel, which includes several Resouce Alliance team members,  selects sessions and builds the IFC programme. A number of factors are taken into account while curating the programme – including variety of topics, different session types, diversity of speakers, representation of different types of organisations – but the ultimate aim is always to end up with the strongest possible programme that is innovative, forward-thinking, informative, engaging, well-balanced and covers a broad range of topics and areas.

In order to succeed with this brief, the Advisory Panel meet face-to-face for 6 full-day meetings in the 18 months prior to each IFC instalment. Every single session proposal for IFC 2019 will be reviewed during a two-day Advisory Panel meeting in January.

To ensure that we meet our aims listed above when curating the programme not all workshop sessions will come through the proposal submission process. Some speakers will be approached and invited directly by the Advisory Panel as they build the strongest possible programme for the IFC.

For the masterclass programme, the number of speakers directly invited is higher, around the 60-70% mark, with the remaining sessions coming through the open proposal process.

  • Speakers who deliver a masterclass followed by two 90 minute sessions will receive a free four-day place at the IFC, including four nights full board at the conference centre (NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel) from Monday 14 to Friday 18 October 2019. Any additional nights are at the speaker’s own expense unless by prior agreement.


  • Speakers who deliver a masterclass only will receive a free two-day place at the IFC, including one night full board at the conference centre (NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel) from Tuesday 15 to Wednesday 16 October. Any additional nights and attendance at the remainder of the conference are optional and at the speaker’s own expense.


  • Speakers who deliver a minimum of three 90 minute sessions will receive a free three-day place at the IFC, including two nights’ full board at the conference centre (NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel) from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 October. Any additional nights and attendance of the masterclass programme are optional at the speaker’s own expense.


  • Speakers who participate in one session or part of a session will receive a one-day pass to the IFC. Any accommodation and attendance of the rest of the IFC are optional and at the speaker’s own expense.

As outlined under the accommodation FAQ above, some speakers will receive a full or partial free place at the conference.

Those who are awarded a partial free place can upgrade their ticket to attend the whole conference, as follows:

  • Masterclass-only speaker to attend the rest of the IFC programme: £1000


  • Speaker delivering three workshop sessions to attend the masterclass programme: £715

Travel reimbursement is available for people who speak at least three times at the IFC and are coming from registered non-profits or sole consultants who request assistance with airfare in advance of the event.

Where we agree to reimburse travel, we will do so for economy class travel to and from the Netherlands up to our set limits by region. Expenses will only be reimbursed on receipt of a properly completed expense claims form.

Any other travel reimbursement needs must be identified at the proposal submissions stage and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


The Advisory Panel for IFC 2019 is made up of 14 changemakers who are experts in their chosen field and have a deep appreciation and understanding of what makes the IFC so important and unique in the social impact sector:


  • Anne-Marie Grey (Chair), Executive Director & CEO at USA for UNHCR
  • Alfredo Botti, Executive Director – Argentina National Committee at UNHCR
  • Laura Boulton, Director of Strategy & Reach at The Resource Alliance
  • Simone Clarke, National Director Australia & New Zealand at World Animal Protection ANZ
  • Andrew Cook, Executive Director of Income Generation at The Stoke Association
  • Paul de Gregorio, Founder at Rally
  • Therése Engström, Director of Communication & Fundraising at Swedish Red Cross
  • Marcus Missen, Director of Communications & Fundraising at Wateraid
  • Nina Saffuri, Transformational Fundraising Consultant
  • Sophia Story, Chief Puff at 3 SIDED CUBE
  • James Tennet, Head of Events at The Resource Alliance
  • Richard Turner, Director at Richard Turner Fundraising
  • Julie Verhaar, Senior Director Fundraising & Growth at Amnesty International
  • Della Weight, Global Director Fundraising & Public Engagement at CARE International

The Resource Alliance team is here to assist you every step of the way on your IFC speaking journey.

The main point of contact for IFC Speakers is James Tennet, Head of Events, who you can reached at James@resource-alliance.org.

Speakers can also call the London office directly on +44 (0)20 3918 5293.


First-Time Speakers

We have a robust tried-and-tested support system in place for our highly valued and important first time speakers. Firstly, we encourage first time speakers to submit session proposals alongside an experienced IFC speaker who can take them under their wing and provide guidance and support throughout the whole unique process and experience of the IFC.

If you haven’t spoken at the IFC before and would like any suggestions for potential seasoned co-speakers who could deliver a session with you on a particular topic, just get in touch using the contact details above.


First-Time IFC Speaker Webinar

All first-time speakers are required to attend our first-time speaker webinar, which is repeated twice in May/June. This is a great way to gather insightful tips and tricks regarding speaking at the IFC.

The webinar is delivered by a highly experience IFC speaker, along with RA team representatives on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Advisory Panel Mentors

Sessions that are run entirely by one or more first-time speakers will be allocated an Advisory Panel member who will act as mentor during the planning process – including reviewing and providing feedback on their ‘one-page-plan’ and draft presentation – and they will also attend their first session to provide confidential and helpful feedback at the end.


New speakers submit a workshop proposal using this form (deadline: Sunday 20 January 2019) – CLICK HERE

If you would like to prepare your answers before beginning your online submission, you can download the full proposal in PDF format: IFC 2019 workshop proposal form for new speakers.

Returning speakers submit a workshop proposal using this form (deadline: Sunday 20 January 2019) – CLICK HERE

If you would like to prepare your answers before beginning your online submission, you can download the full proposal form in PDF format: IFC 2019 workshop proposal form for returning speakers.

Returning speakers only submit a masterclass proposal using this form (deadline: Sunday 13 January 2019) – CLICK HERE

If you would like to prepare your answers before beginning your online submission, you can download the full proposal form in PDF format: IFC 2019 masterclass proposal form