Beyond Fundraising: Grant Proposal Workshop. Opportunity Whetting to Proposal Writing

Posted on: April 25th, 2018 by IFC Holland

Strategic and specific grant writing helps align the identified needs of a nonprofit (and its clients) with funding sources, whether foundations, government agencies, corporations or individuals. This masterclass offers a guide to the technical details of grant writing, an increasingly crucial method for raising money to fund projects and programs for nonprofits and other organizations. The masterclass explores the relationship of grant writing to an organization’s strategy for fundraising which is critical to running the business aspects of the nonprofit organization. It also outlines the stages of grant writing and highlights grant writing best practices.

Learning outcomes
  • Learn the importance of grant writing for nonprofits and other organizations seeking funding.
  • Key stages of the grant writing process.
  • Discover how to research grant makers and available grants – opportunity whetting
  • Learn the process of establishing relationships with potential funders.
  • Understand the importance of alignment between and nonprofit and funder’s mission.
  • Explore tips and tricks in writing a successful grant proposal.
  • Moving forward: earn techniques for following up after winning or losing a grant.
Who should attend: Key actors of any nonprofit organization who wish to explore resource mobilization beyond F2F and B2B fundraising
Session style: Presentation with hands-on exercises

A Digital NGO: Starting the transformation from paper to screen

Posted on: April 13th, 2018 by IFC Holland

In today’s world, effective NGOS not only raise money online, but everything they do has a digital dimension. Successful digital fundraisers know how difficult it is to raise money if your organization is relying on paper and other outdated methods for doing the work. And while digital tools won’t completely replace face-to-face interaction, incorporating digital has become essential for delivering your nonprofit’s mission and raising money to support your organization programs.

This highly participatory and interactive forum will help participants assess where their organization’s approach to incorporating digital and work with their peers and experts in the room on how to get started with digital transformation for campaigns, user experience, service delivery, and other areas. Participants will gain insights on the needed mindsets, tool sets, and skill sets to achieve their fundraising goals and have a greater impact in their programs.

Strategies for successful fundraising: managing fund generation

Posted on: March 20th, 2018 by IFC Holland

Raising money for your nonprofit or your social drive can be challenging. However, it is not rocket science and can certainly be learnt and mastered.

This masterclass is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the concepts and framework of fundraising process, leading your
organization to establish a comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy. This masterclass is geared towards introducing and reinforcing the capacities of NGOs/ CSOs and Social Business on successful fundraising. The program is packed with practical examples and resources that can fast-track your efforts, towards you to fundraising success.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Know the various types and methods of fundraising.
  • Understanding/Analyze the different types of donors and develop a strategies around their behavior.
  • Choose the best fundraising strategy for your organization.
  • Know best practices and skills, and apply these in your strategic fundraising plan.
  • Explore ways to measure the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts.

Who should attend: 

  • Directors, CEOs and Founders
  • Fundraising, Marketing and Communication Officers
  • Strategic Staff members from NGOs/CSOs
  • Any person who would like to maximize their fundraising skills to improve results for their Organizations

Making the most: Developing a strategy for success

Posted on: March 14th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Learn and practice developing a fundraising strategy with some simple hands-on tools. We will share research findings from across Asia on the drivers for fundraising success. We will explore why your donors do what they do and evaluate your fundraising portfolio to get the best return on effort. Finally, we will provide tips on how to make the case for greater investment in fundraising.

Learning outcomes

  • Making the most of your organisation – creating a fundraising culture
  • Making the most of your donors – leverage their motivations and needs
  • Making the most of your fundraising activities – focus on return on effort

Who should attend: Anyone interested in developing strategies for fundraising growth

Session style: Presentation of research findings. Hands on exercise to map the fundraising portfolio. Real case studies.

Major Donor Toolbox

Posted on: March 14th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Ask any major donor fundraiser what they use to keep themselves organized, and the answer will most likely be MS Excel, mostly to keep basic information. The rest stays in our heads. What other tools and techniques can be used to make us go from intuitive guessing to a systematic approach when it comes to designing the programme, planning and forecasting for the year? What is a gift table… and why is it a triangle? Can you work out the probability of each current donor’s giving this year? Do you rank all your donors the same, or do you prioritise them according to their level of involvement/engagement, loyalty and amount of giving? How do you research prospects? We’ll also discuss CRMs and how can you use them to your advantage, the power of networks, and much more. The workshop is designed to give delegates an overview of the methodologies, platforms and the accompanying tools to help them with their major donor fundraising.

Learning outcomes

  • Determine appropriate tools to help develop major donor plans and strategy
  • Use in day-to-day administration of the fundraising programme
  • Monitor the performance of the major donor fundraising programme, determine trends etc.
  • Engage in a better manner with donors based on prioritisation
 Who should attend: Senior fundraisers, directors, major donor specialists, board members

Session styles: PPT/Prezi using Canva with audience participation including a Q&A session. Attendees will participate in a detailed discussion on what tools are available, how to use them for major donor fundraising, and the importance of investing in tools.

Who is the Asian Donor?

Posted on: March 14th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Who is “the Asian donor”. Is there even such a thing as “the Asian donor”? The workshop will explore what we know about donors in Asia – based on research, our own experience and that of workshop delegates. Do some approaches work better in one country than another? We’ll also discuss donor motivation and what might make a donor give (or not give) to your organisation regardless of nationality. Delegates will take away a more nuanced understanding of the questions they can ask themselves to help develop their own major donor programmes based on market maturity, understanding the Asian way of giving, the differences between charity and philanthropic giving, and how they may want to adapt the typical major donor cultivation model to fit their own cultural context.

Learning outcomes: In this interactive workshop, attendees will be encouraged to discuss their experiences and lessons learned in their work with donors, in their own cultural context. Through learning more about how donors behave in different cultural contexts, they will understand that it’s possible to adapt major donor fundraising best practices to fit their own culture. They will take away knowledge of the cycle of giving and cultivation and learn how to grow their local high value donor base.

Who should attend: Senior fundraisers, directors, major donor specialists, board members
Session style: PPT/Prezi using Canva with audience participation including a Q&A session. Attendees will participate in a detailed discussion on what characteristics define an Asian donor, whether their giving behaviour is different to their western counterparts, and how they can develop local models of major donor giving suited to the economic and cultural influences

Human Centred Design: Innovative and highly effective

Posted on: March 8th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

In this hands-on workshop, participants will get to experience the human-centered design (HCD) process working on their own real and unique challenges when it comes to fundraising. HCD is emerging as an effective, creative problem-solving technique with a strong set of tools and methodologies that improve collaboration and engage diverse voices. The participants will work with tools and learn the process that will unlock understanding for their specific organisation, getting new insights about both their donors and the people they are fundraising for. From the intersection of these insights, design thinking will help them craft a new path forward to try in the next year.

Participants will leave the session with a re-designed fundraising strategy that they can continue to build on with their teams, leading to other possible innovations and ultimately increasing donor engagement. Throughout the workshop, DSIL will take into account considerations on how to implement HCD in the Asian context. Participants will experience the potential of HCD and the mind-sets that they can apply in other areas of their work as well. They will learn how radical collaboration, focus on human values, bias to action and valuing different perspectives can be the root of innovation.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the design thinking process and understand its potential for innovation (we will teach it in a training of trainers (ToT) style so the skills will be transferable to their own teams)
  • Understand the importance of deeply listening to stakeholders, radical collaboration, diversity and experimentation as the basis for innovation
  • Learn how to find new insights and from there new innovative pathways to unlock challenges
  • Learn about unique considerations of applying HCD in Southeast Asia

Who should attend: The session will be particularly useful for participants who experienced a recent change in their fundraising outcomes, who face a problem in their fundraising efforts, who are planning to set high goals or who need innovative ways to do fundraising. To get the most out of the workshop, it would be useful for participants to invite a donor, if possible.

Session style: This workshop will be entirely experiential and relevant to people working on fundraising or donor engagement. Participants will learn through doing and then reflecting. Additionally working on their own problems and the unique considerations of applying HCD in Southeast Asia will also ensure that the workshop is relevant to the participants.

How journey mapping can modernize your social impact organization

Posted on: March 8th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

The concept of the customer journey is to help social impact organisations communicate with a large number of volunteers, advocates or donors using as close to an individual approach as resources allow. There is no way we can have (tens of) thousands of individual conversations with our donors each and every month to maintain loyalty to our cause. Journey mapping doesn’t just have a profound impact on your fundraising efforts through empathy and improved engagement, but the process itself brings disparate teams together in a concerted effort to build a cross-functional conversation and deepen relationships with supporters. This hands-on session is a primer for journey mapping for Asia-located social impact organisations that will include examples from Japan and other Asian countries.

Learning outcomes: You will be able to take back your own 10 Step Journey Mapping Kit to immediately apply to your social impact organisation to improve your internal cooperation, communications, engagement (of staff, volunteers or supporters) and fundraising.

Who should attend: This session is aimed at any volunteer, staff person or senior leaders. Journey mapping can be used for any situation e.g. internal staff experience, volunteer experience, advocate experience, donor experience, etc.

Session style: In this special session we will work in teams, and use Post-It notes and walls to learn how to help social impact organisation staff master this key customer experience (CX) approach from the commercial world – informed by case studies from a number of organisations around the world, including parts of Asia.


How to crowdfund successfully: Convert your supporters into campaigners and scale your donor base

Posted on: February 28th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

This workshop is aimed at introducing organisations to the concept of crowdfunding, how to use the Internet to effectively raise funds and bring down their cost of fundraising, and how online fundraising can increase retention rate and increase awareness about the organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • Techniques of crowdfunding
  • Team and skills required to succeed
  • Communication guidelines

Who should attend: Digital fundraising managers, communication team, donor retention team

Session style: Powerpoint, demo, Q&A

Getting monthly giving working for you: What makes monthly giving programs flourish

Posted on: February 28th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

The evidence is there – regular giving has changed the face of fundraising in many markets across the globe. This session brings together benchmarking insights, accepted best practices and new ideas from around the world to help you improve how you develop, execute and manage your monthly giving program. Face-to-face, digital and multichannel programs come under the microscope as I provide you with insight, ideas and examples. We will explore the nine key elements of a well-managed monthly giving program. Using a mix of benchmarking and bespoke analysis insights, mystery shopping outcomes and case studies, the session will explore ideas to develop monthly giving programs across planning, budgeting and analysis, administration management (boring but critical), channel management and diversification, product development, communications strategies, and growth / value maximization strategies.

Learning outcomes

  • Who are monthly donors? Looking at behavioral and demographic insights
  • Approach to developing or reviewing your regular giving product and proposition
  • Channel opportunities and how to use to the best effect
  • Critical considerations for communications planning

Who should attend: Beginner and intermediate

Session style: Using real case studies and results, we will explore the learning outcomes. Simple models are provided as takeaways to provide attendees with tools to use once back at their desks.

From toddlers to trailblazers: Empowering youth to engage masses through fundraising events

Posted on: February 18th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

It’s come time for organisations to recognize that the younger generation is more than just the future generation; it’s a responsible partner in our efforts to make the world a better place. We need to recognize the value of these young minds and channel their energy now instead of considering them only a future resource. We can do that by engaging them as supporters, ambassadors, volunteers and then finally turning them into donors – thus creating “new ecosystems for social good”. This workshop will help participants plan the journey for young members of society to take them from toddlers to trailblazers – the key to which is fundraising through charity events. By innovatively engaging youngsters in planning and executing of big events, we involve them early and get them invested in our cause.

This session will introduce case studies from the Asia Pacific region that became phenomenal means of funds generation. We’ll discuss how to sensitize youth and convert them into highly loyal donors and evangelists, and we’ll examine the value of events in light of both long-term investment and short-term financial gains.

Learning outcomes

  • Sensitizing youth and making them feel for your cause and creating a new ecosystem of change makers – a must for long-term success
  • Youth engagement and innovative fundraising events – an ideal combination
  • An overview of Asian fundraising markets in a contextual way
  • Massive fundraising events – a potential tool of fundraising and generating goodwill
  • The concept of youth philanthropy, its meaning and significance

Who should attend: Young professionals engaged directly or indirectly in fundraising, communication, business planning or CSR of any development-related cause.

Session style: A mix of inspirational real-time examples; emotional videos; lots of interesting, funny and heart-touching pictures; testimonials; and live chat with a resource. There will also be an engaging experience-sharing activity.

Demystifying major donor fundraising: Uncovering the factors and understanding the tools that lead to success

Posted on: February 15th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Have you been asked to set up a major donor program, or is your organization considering working in this area? Are you already working in this area, but finding it an uphill battle? Major donor fundraising is an area of fundraising that sounds easy but in practice is little understood. Very often what organisations put in and what they expect to gain are radically out of alignment.

This masterclass aims to demystify major donor fundraising and step you through what it takes to build a successful program. The session will cover internal and external factors for success, tools to help you plan, research and organise your work, and the conversations you’ll need to have to bring others along with you – starting with internal influencing and discussions around expectations, and ending with your conversations with donors. Taking you through the basics and beyond, this class will offer a look at the strategic thinking behind successful major donor programmes.

Learning outcomes

  • Determine if your organisation is ready for a major gift programme
  • Understand the difference between what you need and what your donor needs
  • Working with influencers – how to encourage board, senior leadership and volunteers to work with you to grow your programme
  • Prospect identification: Are you talking to the right people?
  • Telling your story: using a case for support
  • Unpacking events: What kind of events should you be using to further your major donor fundraising?

Who should attend: CEOs, fundraising directors, major donor fundraisers, board members etc.

Breakthrough success in new markets: How to take the best of international and local approaches to achieve outstanding growth

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

This exciting session will make you re-think what you assume to be universal best practices and show you examples of how local adaptions across global fundraising markets can have a profound effect on a programme’s success. Fundraising techniques are often implemented according to an international set of best practices, but every country context is different and not every ‘best practice’ can or should be applied in every market.

Speakers will detail how organisations have overcome challenges in different Asian and other global markets by testing techniques that were not consistent with international norms. Examples of such innovative solutions will include the keys to success in a major in-house face-to-face programme in Indonesia and unlikely payment processing changes that increased return on investment.

In addition, this session will look at how to take the best of your individual giving knowledge and adapt it to the local fundraising environment. We will share a practical framework to enable you to understand your local fundraising context and decide the most effective approach to suit that unique market. You will leave this session with the confidence and tools to test your own local innovations to help achieve your fundraising objectives!

Learning outcomes

  • A practical understanding of real solutions that top organisations have used to evaluate and overcome challenges in Asian markets, as well as other global examples
  • A clear framework for understanding your fundraising environment and ideas for how to apply and test different fundraising strategies to adapt to the unique market situation
  • A motivation to re-evaluate the comfort zone of international best practices and test what will get your programme top results in the context of a specific market.

Who should attend: Absolutely any fundraiser can gain from attending this eye-opening session to reflect on how to question and test even the most strongly held beliefs on the best ways to focus a fundraising programme. In particular, fundraisers who are building a new programme in developed or emerging markets will find practical ideas from this session. However, even a fundraiser working in a well-established programme will find this session helpful to ensure they are constantly aware of their changing environment and analysing how to get the best possible results.

Session style: We will present a mix of examples and analysis on how and when to rethink strategy. We will start with concrete examples from different markets of Asia and common “best practices” that have been disregarded to test new strategies. We will also include audience participation given the high level of diversity of attendees in the room in order to bring forward examples and participate in rethinking how things should be done in new markets.


Engaging with high-net-worth individuals in Southeast Asia: From theory to practice

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

The workshop is aimed for non-Asian fundraisers who wish to work in Asia. It will give an overview of the Asian leadership giving market with tips on what to seek when conducting research to develop a healthy pipeline; how to approach an LG donor and secure a first meeting; how to cultivate; how to make the first ask; and how to steward the relationship.

The workshop will be interactive and will allow for experience-sharing between the participants and the conductor to enrich the knowledge of all participants and provide solutions, ideas and suggestions when breaking into the Asian market and succeeding. This workshop will show the participants how to identify critical success factors and overcome challenges to enable them to identify, cultivate and successfully steward high-net worth individuals, corporations and foundations, while overcoming barriers varying from language and culture to legal restrictions on fundraising in some countries. The workshop will focus on LG fundraising in Indonesia and Malaysia but will not be restricted to these countries, as examples will be shared of LG fundraising in other countries.

Learning outcomes

  • Insights on the Asian LG market
  • What to seek when conducting research on LG prospects
  • Key indicators to look out for in existing relationships
  • Actual experience-sharing

Who should attend: Directors of fundraising and communication of INGOs, LG fundraisers working in Asia (especially non-Asian), LG fundraisers trying to break into the Asian market (especially non-Asian), and LG strategists for Asia of INGOs

Session style

The workshop will be split into three parts:

  • Introduction to the market
    • Defining South-East Asia
    • Diversity of the region (culture religion)
    • Key aspects of South-East Asian philanthropy
  • Leadership Giving Fundraising
    • Individuals, Corporations, Foundations
    • Case studies from Indonesia & Malaysia
    • Leading and emerging trends in LG fundraising and giving
  • From talk to practice
    • Tools to fundraise successfully in South-Asia
    • Dos and Don’ts based on experience
    • Q&A session and experience-sharing


Fundraising TV for small budgets: Inspiring viewers to become long term, high value supporters of your cause

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

This workshop aims to help fundraisers in the charity sector, who want to know whether DRTV can help them achieve their fundraising goals, to understand what DRTV is and what it can do for their organisation. The art and science of using film to effectively inspire people to act will be shared with participants, and they will also understand that TV can work just as well – and sometimes better – for small budgets.

Participants will see how a brief becomes an inspiring 60-second creative that makes people respond to a cause – whether it is simple or complex. Using real-world case studies from Asia and beyond, it will share practical tips on how to plan and buy media wisely, and how to engage people through phone and web conversation.

A case study from a Korean charity will also give participants insights and practical tips on how they tackled their challenges in launching and building their DRTV campaign.

What will be covered

  • What DRTV will give your cause. And what it won’t.
  • The art and science of effective creative – making people respond to your cause
  • Planning and buying media wisely and cost effectively
  • How to have phone conversations that engage and inspire support
  • Key considerations to maximise TV response that goes online
  • Case Study from a guest speaker at Concern Worldwide Korea to share how they, with no brand-awareness in Korean market, launched and built their DRTV campaign so successfully

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding DRTV is a cost-effective, sustainable fundraising model
  • Learn the key aspects of successful creative development, media planning, and response management
  • Various examples of Call to Action that fits causes/target audiences

From the ground up: Building (or refreshing) your direct-response fundraising program

Posted on: January 23rd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Donations from individuals is the most common method of giving around the world — with Asia an emerging market for many charities.
In this session, you’ll learn about the latest trends in direct-response fundraising, what it takes and how to set-up your own program.

If your organisation is looking to start or expand a direct-response program, this workshop aims to help you lay the groundwork for  and provide you with practical tools to support what will be a long-term investment. Using a range of practical exercises and case studies, we will start with the big picture and go on a journey exploring the fundraising marketplace and the role individual giving and direct-response fundraising plays in helping organisation to grow and build sustainable income over time. We will explore how to acquire, retain and grow using tried and tested as well as new and emerging direct-response techniques.

We will cover the theory but more importantly throughout the workshop, we will take a look at a range of case studies and examples of
how organisations have started, developed and grown their individual giving programs. Practical exercises will assist you in moving
forward development of your own program.

Learning outcomes

  • Evidenced understanding of the individual giving and direct response landscape
  • Needs for implementing s direct response fundraising program
  • Approaches to developing acquisition, retention and growth plans for your program

Who should attend: Beginner to intermediate fundraisers looking to set up or expand a direct-response individual giving program.

Increase campaign results by 20% to 50%? Yes, you can do it – with digital

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Internet connectivity, mobile phone adoption, new digital payment methods, social media… there are so many opportunities for fundraisers to engage and connect with people, and convert them to donors. But with so many free and low-cost tools out there, how do you decide where to invest your time and resources for the most impact? How do you quickly and easily test those decisions to improve results?

This interactive masterclass will teach fundraising staff at small NGOs how to boost their fundraising campaigns with effective integration of digital tools and techniques. Is a 20 percent to 50 percent increase feasible? Yes!

Bonus! Delegates will assess one of their own existing or upcoming campaigsn and their use of digital. Together with other delegates they’ll workshop ideas and end up with an plan of practical actions they can start implementing right away.  The session will be a mix of expert advice and participatory, hands-on methods and draw-from-design thinking, and lean startup methodologies.

Learning outcomes

  • Assess your NGO’s digital assets and workflows to pinpoint what needs improvement to enhance a fundraising campaign
  • Learn lean startup and design thinking processes that can help you use to come up with a powerful digital strategy for your organization’s fundraising campaigns
  • Get practical tips for using the tools that will save you time when you have staff or technical experience


Supercharge your strategies: Using insights and experience management to shower your fundraising in brilliance

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Brilliance doesn’t just fall into your lap. Not in life… not in fundraising. You knew that! This masterclass will help you know more than just that… it’ll help you build an actual, clear-cut strategy for success by showing you how to:

  • Create an organisational culture that is proud to fundraise
  • Use powerful insights about why your donors do what they do
  • Deliver extraordinary experiences that inspire donors to do more
  • Harness the power of behavioural science to nudge behaviour
  • Manage a portfolio of fundraising programs for the best return

Added bonus! Participants will be invited to complete a self-assessment survey prior to the masterclass and compare their results to other organisations during the class to gain perspective on their programs and outline the most relevant and useful steps to success.

Learning outcomes

  • Clear structure for building a strategy
  • Tips on how to engage leaders in fundraising
  • Understanding of donor behaviour, psychology and emotions
  • Practical ideas for how to use nudges
  • A set of strategic priorities for the organisation

Who should attend: Those responsible for leading organisations and developing fundraising strategies