Introducing the Resource Alliance Global Community

The Resource Alliance Global Community is a social movement of, by and for changemakers and fundraisers. It is a portal of possibility. A network for new ideas. A place where people from around the world come together to help each other do our best work, because that is what the world requires of us. Members of our community will have access to the best thinking and the greatest collaboration available anywhere — accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the world.



The Resource Alliance works globally to strengthen the social impact sector, by helping organisations of every size and type to develop the critical human, financial and intellectual resources necessary to build a better world. Even in these most challenging of times, we bring together the very best thinking and curate the knowledge, tools and connections most vital to help social impact organisations succeed in delivering on their missions. We provide a platform for fundraisers and changemakers to collaborate, share ideas and learn from one another.

EMERGE: The Capacity Development Programme

Building a more just, equitable and thriving future for social impact organisations and their leaders

With more than 30 years of experience in delivering training and knowledge sharing – and a network of expertise that spans the globe – the Resource Alliance receive requests from organisations large and small for help with their resource mobilisation and fundraising needs.

By taking part in the Emerge Capacity Development programme, global NGOs can benefit from strengthened organisational capacity in fundraising and resource mobilisation, including the development of appropriate organisational structures and processes.

The Emerge Programme has been developed with insight gained from over ten years’ global and regional experience of delivering tailored capacity development programmes.

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