About The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance works globally to strengthen the social impact sector, by helping organisations of every size and type develop the critical human, financial and intellectual resources necessary to build a better world. Through our global network, we bring together the very best thinking and curate the knowledge, tools and connections most vital to help social impact organisations succeed in delivering on their missions. Through our events and community, we provide a platform for fundraisers and changemakers to collaborate, share ideas and learn from one another and we are driven to bring about transformative change in the social impact sector around the world.


Our vision is a​ united world where​ community has​ overcome division,​ sustainability has​ overcome greed,​ and where there​ is equity of both​ opportunities​ and resources.

Our mission is to change the world by weaving together a global alliance of people fighting for positive change andequipping them withthe knowledge andresources they needto accelerate lastingsocial impact.


  • We value boldness. We see the bravery in facing incredible odds, the courage it takes to forge ahead in imperfection, the strength in anger, and the daring it takes to do everything when you have nothing. ​
  • We value diversity. Our community is global and our voices must be too. We believe our world and our work are richer when we embrace difference. We accept the challenge to acknowledge our privilege and rise by lifting others.  ​
  • We value collaboration. We know that we cannot change the world alone and that this alliance of fundraisers and changemakers does not exist in a vacuum. We accept that true collaboration means reaching outside our community and our sector. ​
  • We value honesty. We believe in integrity of action, clarity of vision, and openness in governance. We will challenge, support, and guide our members to authenticity, and will always lead by example. ​
  • We value service. The mission of the organisations we serve is our mission. We exist to enable you to change the world around you. We will listen, we will learn, and we will develop in response to your needs. 


The Resource Alliance may have a history in delivering events like the IFC, however our role and reach have expanded to include a myriad of education and leadership training opportunities, and a mission to foster and support collaboration within the global social impact sector. 


The Resource Alliance is well known as the curator of the IFC, but that’s not all we do! 

Our Resource Alliance community extends to all those working in the social impact sector around the world, but our outreach specifically includes events and representation in Europe, Africa, India and the Asia-Pacific region.



The Resource Alliance is geared toward helping changemakers from around the world

We work with all types of organisations, at all levels, of all missions to develop and hone their skills and their understanding of the best way to meet the needs of their organisations and the causes they champion. We offer a variety of volunteer positions, bursaries, and other programmes to give our community the opportunities to become involved with our work and supported in their own missions.


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