Impact Stories

The Resource Alliance exists to connect and empower those people, organisations and entities that are creating positive, lasting change in the world. Through events like IFC and IFC Asia or programmess focused on leadership, scholarship and mentorship, we eat, sleep, live and breathe collaboration and all of the good things that come from it.

We often hear from people who have attended a Resource Alliance event or somehow otherwise expanded their fundraising or their vision or their confidence through a relationship with us. We cherish their stories and will be sharing them with you here, soon.

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Case Study: Ikamva Labantu

Global perspective and a sense of belonging

IFC supports fundraisers as it guides them to increased success

The Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust, which offers social programmes for children, young people and older people in South Africa, credits the IFC and other Resource Alliance events with helping it to significantly grow it’s seniors programme and build monthly giving.



Case Study: AfriKids

Imagine hitting your fundraising target – three times over!

How AfriKids raised £1.2 million after attending IFC

AfriKids, a London-based organisation that protects the rights of children across northern Ghana, had a big fundraising goal: raise £210,000 in unrestricted funds in three months to be match-funded by the UK government through their UK Aid Match scheme. The match funds were earmarked to support AfriKids’ education programme.


Rewati addressing during opening ceremony of a fundraising conference.

Case Study: Rewati Dhakal

Inspired, empowered to lead the way for fundraisers in Nepal

Thanks to his experiences with IFC and IFC Asia over a couple of years, Rewati Dhakal was inspired and empowered to change that. And in the process, he helped changed the face of fundraising and philanthropy in his country.


What is the IFC?

"I feel fully energized and inspired, I feel like no long validation processes, structures and hierarchies, can stop me from telling the stories of the thousands and million of people we help in the world."

Silvia Burisch ICRC, Switzerland

"Being back at IFC this year gave me an opportunity to rethink everything we do as fundraisers and bring new ideas to the Latin American Markets."

Luciano Grenni Proa International Fundraising, Argentina

"I've made really important connections and have brought home tools that will help me build my development department at my organization. I had a few light bulb moments with individuals who answered questions I had."

Patricia Stein Mary Ward Loreto Organization, Albania
IFC 2019

"I always leave with my mind challenged and refreshed, reminded why I love fundraising and why IFC is the event I always put in my calendar first."

Daryl Upsall DUA and DUCI, Spain