IFC Online

IFC Online: Virtual Summit

Though a global pandemic makes it impossible to bring together 1,000 people from around the world this October, we are committed to providing a unique and ground-breaking virtual experience that will inspire, inform and energise — and IFC Online will be available free of charge for all members of the Resource Alliance Global Community.

We have no delusions that a virtual IFC will ever replace the power of our face-to-face interactions, and we WILL always commit to having face-to-face events again as soon as possible. But, together, guided by what makes an IFC so important, we can create something that revolutionises what is possible in a digital/online format. IFC Online: Virtual Summit will be a true laboratory of great ideas for people who resource social impact organisations.

Reconceptualising the IFC Online format

Tuesday 13 October: Big Conversations
Panel discussions setting the scene for the key themes to be addressed throughout the rest of the week.

Wednesday 14 October: Innovation Hacks & Workshops
Attendees will split into much smaller groups to discuss the issues framed yesterday and work collaboratively to generate ideas and find solutions. There will also be a series of webinar-style workshops diving deeper into the key themes, for attendees who prefer a less-participatory method of learning.

Thursday 15 October: Reflection
We will break into interactive salons to share and debate the discussions and ideas that were generated from our community yesterday

Friday 16 October: The Year Ahead
To bring IFC Online to a close, our community will have the opportunity to work together on setting the overarching narrative and monthly content themes for the Resource Alliance Global Community in 2021. 

An opportunity to participate in everything — at your pace

As we explore our theme of Accelerating Change, in order to cater for our truly global community, discussions and sessions will be repeated in the morning and afternoon so there will be a live slot that fits your time zone. Attendees can choose their own path through the conference, following a theme or issue of particular interest to them, or you can choose to attend sessions relating to a variety of topics. All live sessions will also be recorded and available to view on-demand at a time that suits you. Now, choosing to participate in a particular session does not mean you miss out on other sessions scheduled at the same time. Now you will be able to dive deep into all the knowledge-sharing and learning that IFC Online has to offer.

Providing all the things you most love, and more

Outside of the core session programme, IFC Online will also feature the following, all delivered in participatory virtual forums:

  • Plenaries – Big-name speakers providing a dose of eye-opening content 
  • Wellbeing – Yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions to enjoy at your leisure 
  • Networking opportunities – In a variety of formats and sizes, focused on topics, areas of interest, or just to get to know other attendees
  • Social events – We’ll have a packed calendar of virtual activities including a pub quiz, escape room, dance lessons, live band and DJ performances. You can submit any other ideas or recommendations below. 
  • 2020 Resource Alliance Global Fundraising Awards – The culmination of our social programme, on Thursday night we will recognise and celebrate innovative fundraisers and changemakers who are navigating the sector through crisis under these four categories: 2020 Global Fundraising Innovator of the Year, The Activator Award, The Rule-Breaker Award and The Change Accelerator Award. You can learn more and make a nomination
  • Local watch parties – We hope that by October we will be able to gather physically in small groups and we will then look to beam IFC Online to your local community. More details to follow!

Democratising content and topics of interest

IFC Online also provides the chance for our community members to suggest speakers and topics so everything we create will be as current and relevant as possible. Your imagination is truly the limit here as long as it fits within the overarching theme of Accelerating Change – just let us know your thoughts and we will announce final details about the programme content in the next few weeks. Please submit your recommendations here.